torsdag den 28. marts 2013

Happy holidays.

Free wallpaper for your dollhouse.

You're free to download this for personal use, some of the pictures on the wall is made by Linda Gavin and some is made by me. Have fun.

lørdag den 4. august 2012

Wallpaper for your dollhouse.

Ferm Living minified some of their wallpaper patterns and made them free to download to use as wallpaper for dollhouses. So cute.

søndag den 29. juli 2012

Online shopping.

Danbo is shopping at Madame Mo
Check out their super cute stuff and they got a sale right now.
Madame Mo is scale 1:1 not miniature size :-)

lørdag den 7. juli 2012

Cool dollhouse for Barbie and friends.

 Full of light, one-storey dollhouse. Big panoramic window for easy access from different angles.
From the Polish company Miniio.

Modern designer dollhouse and furniture for Barbie, Blythe, Momoko and other fashion dolls.