fredag den 27. maj 2011

Living in a fish tank.

To turn a fish tank into a miniature home is easily done.

Take the glass out, turn the fish tank upside down and put a floor in. For the floor you can use a piece of cardboard or dollhouse flooring depend on how stable you want it to be.

You can get the very cute fish tank here, here
and here!

The Fishcondo, designed by Teddy Luong, a student at Carleton University School of Industrial Design, won first place at Umbra’s “Build a Better” design competition.

Have fun!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er det bare en fed ide. Jeg er helt vild med det fiskehotel, menhar ingen anelse om hvordan man holder fisk - Det der det kan jeg da klare:-)

  2. Whooaaa!
    Such a great idea!
    your imagination impresses me every time.

    The doll is such a cutie too, where does she come from?
    Is she a Lati, maybe?